10 years ago my life came apart. I had a complete physical and emotional breakdown. It was a living nightmare as I lost everything including my career. Navigating through a few dozen types of medications with extreme side effects, the only sleep medication that worked for me was lorazepam. Long term use of Lorazepam is Alzheimer’s and dementia. I was starting to experience these symptoms but the numerous times I have tried to wean myself off of lorazepam I had been unsuccessful. I knew I had to do something. With the emotional support from all my doctors I contacted Dr. Elaine Burns , founder and medical director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation center for help. For four months we worked closely together through consults and emails. She step by step formulated a plan for me and patiently walked me through this difficult process of removing this highly addictive drug from my system while replacing it with medical marijuana so I could sleep at night.  It was the best choice I could of made. She changed my life. Dr. Burns is compassionate, professional and patient. Her products are phenomenal and I would recommend her to anyone. This is the way medical marijuana is suppose to be used.

 Carole H. 5/15/2018

The benefits of the GI Assist 600mg. are- my stomach no longer feels jumpy. My nausea, and vomiting has decreased I'd say by 90%. If I am nauseated that day I use 1/2 of the dropper sometimes twice a day. Mostly once though. I'm blessed the rest of day, and may be able to go two three days without any symptoms. My diarrhea is less. I do not experience any Gerd like feelings since using GI Assist. I have more energy because I finally feel better. My bathroom times are normal again. No discomfort.

I continue with my low oxalate diet. If I do eat a bit of tomato, potato, some high oxalate foods, and I'm a little under the weather. I can count on the GI Assist to help balance me out a bit better. I'm discontinuing the VA medication on the 1st. Purchasing the GI Assist 1200mg. Hoping will allow me the opportunity to let the VA know here's another drug  no longer will medicate me with. If there is anything you can continue helping me with. And direction I'm headed. Would be grateful even more.

Krstin C.

I just can't say enough about migraine Releafer  I went into the office to renew my mmj and mentioned I had a migraine. After verifying I still had my active card, I was asked if I wanted to try some drops of Releafer to help with my migraine. I put about 4 drops on my hand and licked it. There was really no outrageous taste which was nice  it was very pleasant. Within 10 minutes my migraine was 50% better  I couldn't believe it  if Dr. Burns had stock in her office, I was immediately buying some!

K.K  4/2018

"I started using DrBurn's Pain Releafer ™ to help me sleep through the night.  I was being treated with chemotherapy for several months and needed to sleep to heal.  The oil was suggested, and I began the first night with 3 drops  but then increased to 6 drops per night which worked beautifully, and I finally had uninterrupted night's sleep.  I was ecstatic!!   I cannot thank Dr. Burns enough for this oil and I will continue to use for sleep."


"My seizures began when I was 7, after 20 years of finding no control from the conventional methods I sought out new options.  I began to look at the option of medical marijuana, particularly CBD’s. This also proved challenging, there are so many options out there and finding a product that you can trust that also has clear dosing instructions is impossible...Until I found DrBurn's RELEAF ™.


If you are reading this testament in an effort to see if CBD’s are right for you to treat your own affliction or the affliction of a loved one, I strongly encourage you to try DrBurn's RELEAF™. I have used several brands of CBD’s, with varying amounts of success, and I can tell you with confidence that the delivery method and purity of this product is the most effective."


"I like Dr. Burns products because they taste good and it helps me sleep. When I take her CBD drops my nose and head  does not hurt  when I wake up. They are also great for tummy aches and headaches. I think all kids should use  Dr. Burn's CBD."

V.Z. (age 8)

"I have had migraines since the first grade. I have tried just about every treatment out there. Most are sadly ineffective, and I must suffer through the blind spots, nausea and immense pain for hours or days with no relief. However, I just used DrBurns 1:1 Migraine ReLeafer and had complete relief from my migraine in one hour.  I am floored by this and cannot wait to share this info with other migraine sufferers."



"I use Dr. Burns CBD Pure for seizures and daily headaches which leads to migraines. Since I started using the CBD Pure I have only had 1 seizure in past 12 months. My daily headaches have been reduced to almost none. Migraines have been reduced to 1-2 per month were as before it was 4-5 monthly.

I have also noticed that the CBD Pure helps with stomach issues I have. This is not reason I started using the CBD Pure but it does help with my GERD."


"Dr Burns,

This may not be a surprise to you, but I am having some pretty amazing results with the CBD oil in just 3 nights! I am sleeping a little better & today I had a massage which is normally excruciating. As the therapist worked it took me awhile to realize that although it didn't feel great, it didn't hurt like it normally does. The CBD oil has already exceeded my expectations! Thanks so much for helping me on this journey."

best regards,


From a dispensary agent regarding samples feedback:

"The feedback has been amazing so far! I'm waiting for a few more patients and their feedback. One of our patients said it saved his life! He was not feeling right when he  came in an almost passed out, he felt like he was dying he said. Older gentleman, I believe he might have been having a panic attack from stress. My son had the CBD migraine and it took it away and he said it tasted good! I will let you know more soon."


"I started using Dr Burns Pure CBD for R shoulder pain I have from any injury lifting weights. The CBD Pure reliefs my pain and inflammation. The other thing I noticed was that it helps with my stomach issues. No waking up at with heartburn/acid reflux although this was not the original use for the CBD pure.

After workouts I use Dr Burns Muscle & Joint Ointment with THC for quick relief. Works quickly and shoulder feels better before going to bed at night.

I also had facial surgery a couple of months ago. During my healing of the swelling and stitches I used Dr Burns Muscle & Joint Ointment with THC. This helped minimize my pain, so I did not have to rely on pain meds and return to work quicker. I could use the ointment during the day since there is no side effects."



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