Nature is so powerful! Many botanicals have medicinal qualities, providing tailored effects for specific conditions. Here are just some of the ones we use and why.


Now I don’t want to GABA on, but valerian increases Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (aka GABA.)This is a calming neurotransmitter, which explains why valerian has a relaxing effect on the body.

Valerian is particularly useful for sleep disorders such as insomnia and research also suggest it can benefit people with anxiety disorders. That’s why we use valerian alongside CBD in our Pain Sleep formula; to help you get that good night’s sleep you crave.






All of us at one time or another have smelt the lovely aroma of lavender. But this potent little plant not only smells good but does good too. Its commonly used at night-time to promote relaxation and boost a sense of calm. From essential oils to hand creams and tea,it is found in a variety of products.

Our Lavender CBD Muscle & Joint Ointment is great to apply before bed to promote physical recovery while you sleep.






Both the roots and berry of the Ashwagandha plant can be used in medicine. It is also referred to as the Winter Cherry and can be commonly confused with Ginseng. It is believed to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and assist the adrenals.

It is especially useful for those suffering with chronic conditions, as it helps the body recover from stress and tension.We use Ashwagandha in our CBD Pain Awake to provide mental clarity throughout the day.




Purple Passion

Purple Passionflower

Also known as Passiflora Incarnate, the Purple Passionflower is the peacock of the plant world. Not only is this flower beautiful to look at, but it also contains lots of nutrients.

Using the Purple Passionflower could not only help to calm muscle spasms but promote sleep too. Our Unwind Bath Salts take advantage of this, to give you a warm bath with added benefits.





White Willow

White Willow

Also known as Salix Alba, the White Willow has been used for centuries to treat inflammatory conditions. As nature’s precursor to Aspirin, its bark creates a similar substance in the body called salicylic acid.

This soothing botanical is particularly beneficial for conditions such as arthritis and lower back pain. We use White Willow in all our Pain formulas, as it’s healing properties help to combat inflammation.




CBD is fantastic but combined with mother nature’s medicine cabinet – it’s even better! These powerful botanicals each have healing potential. That’s why we include them in our products to target specific ailments and ultimately give you the best results.

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