DrBurns’ ReLeaf CBD Pure PAIN Review

This time around, we are going to review DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture and see how it stands up in a battle against physical pain. First, as is our custom, let’s take a closer look at the manufacturer.

DrBurns ReLeaf™

Our initial impression upon receiving and reviewing the product was positive. As we dug deeper into the company and examined their ethics, commitment, knowledge, and ingenuity, that good impression deepened and was firmly imprinted into our hearts and minds. This is a company which cares, as is further evidenced by the history and practices of the founder of DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ (and formulator of their product line), Dr. Elaine Burns. Her prior background as an Arizona-licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) positioned her perfectly for applying her knowledge and experience of the benefits of other botanical ingredients with the healing capacity of CBD to develop uniquely synergistic formulations targeting specific ailments and concerns.

It is important to emphasize this is not some overly enthusiastic entrepreneur excited to get in on the new profitable health trend: CBD. To the contrary, prior to establishing her company, Dr. Burns worked for six years as founder and medical director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Centers, scientifically accumulating and recording significant clinical experiences directly and intimately with medical marijuana patients. That valuable experience not only eased pains and concerns of the many patients fortunate enough to have worked with Dr. Burns, but it also provided an important and effective environment for testing CBD in various botanical mixtures and measuring results to fine tune her different formulations.

While original medical marijuana testing relied on a combination of THC and CBD, Dr. Burns has turned her attention to the almost miraculous results users and manufacturers are noting when the focus turns primarily or entirely to CDB. As Dr. Burns notes, “Medical marijuana patients do not want to get high. They want to get better.” Her products are focused specifically on getting patients better through natural ingredients historically proven to contain healing properties or elements.

CBD Pure PAIN Tincture

Currently, DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ carries 21 different products, with specific targets including migraine relief, menopause tonic, opioid recovery and gastrointestinal conditions, to name just a few. For this review, we are examining their Pure PAIN tincture, which in its first competition won an award in the Tincture Category of the Third Annual 710 Degree Cup Cannabis Awards and Festival in Arizona. However, this isn’t about awards and plaudits, impressive though they may be for a product grabbing honors in its initial competition. This is about how the product performs for the common consumer.

Not surprisingly, they have the consumer front excellently covered as well. We have seen products so vague as to not even confirm what ingredients may be included in their product beyond CBD (for example, our review of the very dodgy Pro Naturals CBD Oil, which only listed what other CBD oil products often contain!), but DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ is totally about transparency.

Even while these products are using proprietary formulations developed and owned by DrBurns’ ReLeaf™, this company does not hesitate in disclosing as much information as possible to fully inform the patient of the ingredients they are consuming.

For instance, the product information sheet for their CBD Pure PAIN Tincture suggests uses, lists mechanisms of action, ingredients, dosing suggestions, recommended frequency or timing, cautions/contraindications/drug interactions, and possible side effects. Their disclosures are easily as thorough as most products sold over the counter or as prescriptions!

For this review, we focused on the ingredients for the CBD Pure PAIN Tincture, which cannot come any cleaner or clearer than this:

  • Cannabidiol Concentrate – where all the goodies sit, waiting to do their magic!
  • Organic MCT Oil – known as perhaps the most effective carrier oil for delivering CBD into the human body
  • Food Grade Flavoring – this product employs a peppermint flavoring, which we shall discuss further in our personal review
  • Proprietary Formula – while not describing proportions or combining methods, this formula is comprised of:
    • Withania Somnifera – an important Ayurvedic medicine used for more than 3,000 years (also known as Indian ginseng)
    • Salix Alba – the bark of the white willow, which is native to Europe and western/central Asia, acts like aspirin, relieving pain

So far, their presentation of their company, ethics, transparency, dedication, and creativity has more than caught our attention: we are excited to try out this product and report our results to you!

The CBD Informative Testing and Rating

Never the team to shortcut, no matter how awesome and impressive the company and product credentials appear, our own due diligence subjects each reviewed product to the same rigorous examination. As always, we look to our reliable and consistent third-party testing facility, Level One Labs in Arizona, to get their expert, unbiased analysis.

Third Party Test Results

What the label says and what our third party lab found:

  • 1200

    mg – Company’s Claim

  • 1193.72

    mg – Our Test

  • 0.52%

    – Variance

As you may be aware, we expect our third-party test results to fall within a range of 10% of the company’s own content claims. Let’s just say our over all impression of the Certificate of Analysis we received from Level One blew us away, as we have never seen a company earn a 99.5% accuracy rating on their 1,200 mg CBD content (which our lab reported at 1193.72 mg)!

Obviously, our quality rating for independent lab testing earns a 10 out of 10!


CBD Informative Assessment

After reading this report, our testers were more than anxious to see how it performed. So far, everything looked perfect, so our inside look needed to be extra particular. Not to say we are easily swayed, but we have to admit we were swooning just a wee bit. So we slapped ourselves serious, remembered our commitment to our followers, and began our own critical review.

The Manufacturer – DrBurns’ ReLeaf™

If we are going to judge a book by its cover, then we’re also going to judge a tincture by its bottle and label. Once again, DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture stood up to our critical testing of their bottling design and materials. We really love the packaging, feeling they did an excellent job at using vibrant coloring which stood out. We would have liked to have seen more detail but overall appreciate the outside packaging and especially the bottles which are transparent enough to see how much content remains. For packaging, we voted the overall rating at a 9.5 out of 10.

The Product – CBD Pure PAIN Tincture

The only hesitation own testers showed was when it came to the testing, specifically because the company used a peppermint flavoring. Our past experience has shown us that a little peppermint can go a long way. Apparently, DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ knows their herbs and their varying strengths, as we were surprisingly pleased (and admittedly slightly relieved) to discover a pleasant, mild peppermint flavoring which did not overwhelm the overall taste, earning it a respectable 9.7 out of 10 rating for taste.

It’s with the effects that we cannot rave enough. The entire testing team agreed the effects were fast, noticeable, and very effective. There was unanimous agreement that this product would work as an effective pain reliever. This conclusion was later confirmed when one of the testers experienced an ache after a workout; after taking a 0.7 ml dose, within minutes he was experiencing relief! Obviously, giving effects a 10 out of 10 rating was a no-brainer (maybe we should say happy-brainer!).

The CBD Informative Overall Rating for DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture – 9.9

DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture is a must try product! Our previous review of the Focus Elixir by Canna Hemp which earned 9.75 overall rating; one difference between these ratings was we bestowed upon DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture receiving a 9.7 out of 10 for taste (as compared to Canna Hemp’s 9 out of 10). The excellent taste of this product compiled with the physical results obtained by this incredible formulation (and without taking anything away from our endorsement of Canna Hemp!), we now elevate DrBurns’ ReLeaf™ CBD Pure PAIN Tincture as one our currently top recommended CBD product!