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What is different about the DrBurns’ ReLeaf Collection?

Physician Formulated (not just endorsed) by a Clinical expert.

What makes your products condition specific?

The addition of other botanicals / terpenes. For example, In our top selling PAIN 1200mg drops we use Salix alba which is a well-documented anti-inflammatory.

Do you use THC in any of your products?

None present in our CBD products – we test to ensure that!

What raw materials are used?

  1. CBD Extract – Typically Co2 extraction, from a legal farm bill state,
  2. Botanicals – purchased from a reputable source, organic, solvent free as indicated by the Certificates of Analysis (C of A’s)

Is the Collection produced locally?

Our products are produced by us (not a 3rd party manufacturing company) & locally in our Arizona facility.

What about quality – how do you ensure this is a quality product that will work?

  1. First, we conduct our OWN test on the CBD isolate to ensure Potency and is THC free.
  2. Secondly, our base production batches are tested to ensure potency and free of contaminants– this ensures that each particular product will be accurate.
  3. Botanicals used are sourced from a wholesaler that utilizes Good Manufacturing Practices and we only use USDA organic if available
  4. Test results including the botanical Certificate of Analysis are accessible from DrBurnsReLeaf.com

How do I know how much to use for my condition?

Another distinguishing factor of this collection are the PRODUCT GUIDES; Dr. Burns has done ALL the research / work for you providing dosing recommendations along with any conflicts with other conditions/medications that may exist. For EACH and EVERY Product!! Available upon request as part of a treatment protocol.

Is Dr. Burns Available for consultations and treatment recommendations?

Yes, please complete a CONTACT US form